The science bit

Meditation and binaural beats have some hardcore science behind them. Studies show that both have their own unique benefits when it comes to lower stress and improving your mood. Here are some facts for you ツ


The unique properties of binaural beats have been shown to have a number of health benefits, with particular relation to confidence, anxiety and mood.

In one study – binaural auditory beats affect vigilance performance and mood – 29 participants felt the benefits from listening to beats in the delta and theta range.

Eight people were asked to listen to binaural beats with a delta frequency for 60 consecutive days. Each person completed a survey at the start of the trial and at the end. The results showed significant reductions in stress and anxiety and an increase in overall quality of life of all participants.

A much larger study of binaural beats, involving 100 people about to undergo surgery, found their use significantly cut anxiety by 50% compared to those who listened to similar music without binaural audio and no music at all.


Meditation triggers human growth hormones, helping to:

  • Regulate your metabolism
  • Stimulates fat cells to reduce store fats
  • Promote protein synthesis
  • Supports the regulation of blood sugar

Meditation calms your adrenals, allowing them to rest. This reduces the level of the stress hormones cortisol. Lowering cortisol benefits your thyroid function and your ability to lose or control your weight.

A good nights sleep is important for us all and meditation can help with that by reducing the noise and chatter in your mind. Bringing with it a renewed vitality and energy to your body that sleep alone cannot provide.

Meditation balances your endocrine system – your collection of glands that regulate your metabolism, growth sexual function and sleep, amongst other things.

Inflammation can be reduced at a cellular level, neutralising the acidity of your blood and reducing pain.