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We love music that heightens us to moments of ecstasy, but we equally love music that can take us deep within ourselves – discovering our higher self as we go.

wavelength.design is a combination of our passions and goals in life. We seek to live more mindful lives through music.

Our goal is to help our subscribers with their introspective journeys – short and long – by providing high-quality musical led and guided meditation. We want to help you improve your mindfulness and lead a happy, healthy life.

We’re based in Brighton in the UK and LOVE living beside the sea.

Brighton beach

Steve Linney, founder

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been making and playing house music that heightens consciousness, takes people into a trance and unifies them as a group.

With wavelength.design, I’m taking a different tact, lowering the BPMs and using binaural sounds as meditative music – working with renowned artists and creating my own sounds – to help you focus your mind, be mindful and be in the moment.

Steve Linney, wavelength.design founder

Giving something back

We’ve been blessed to experience many positives in our lives, many of which have been achieved through meditative use of ayahuasca or recreational use of MDMA.

We understand the power of these substances and want to help ensure:

  1. The ayahuasca vine is protected for future generations
  2. Serious research is done into the benefits of psychedelics and entheogens
Ayahuasca vine

We donate 2% of our profits to worthy causes

“Lovely, very Brian Eno”

– Sarah | Facebook

“Loving it! Mellow and deep”

– Tony | YouTube

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